674 Fellsway Plazaweightwatchers

Medford, MA 02155
Phone Number: 1-800-651-6000

Meeting Times:

Sunday 9:00am
Monday 5:30pm
Tuesday 6:00pm
Wednesday 12:00P
Wednesday 7:00P
Thursday 10:00A
Thursday 5:30P
Friday 8:00A
Friday 12:00P
Saturday 8:00A
Saturday 9:30A
Saturday 11:00A

Weigh-in starts ½ hr before meeting time.

Member Service Hours:
Monday 9:00A-12:00P
Wednesday 9:00A-11:30A
Friday 9:00A- 11:30A

Weight Watchers Meetings

o Get a great big shot of weekly enthusiasm and motivation.

o Accountability and support

o All of our meetings are led by a trained mentor who’s lost weight with Weight Watchers. They’ve been in your shoes, and can guide you every step of the way.

Strength in numbers

o Losing weight alone is no fun, and can be hard to stick with. With Weight Watchers, you’ll be encouraged and inspired by people like you, losing weight together.

Unmatched digital tools

o With an eTools subscription you’ll have access to our suite of digital tools and apps, so you can stay motivated 24/7.